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English energetic jazz duo Binker and Moses announced live album “Escape The Flames”.

England is in the middle of lockdown, all the music clubs are closed, all the live gigs are canceled, but English energetic jazz duo Binker and Moses just announced live album “Escape The Flames”.

This 6-track recording is taken from their “Journey to the Mountain of Forever” album launch at the iconic Total Refreshment Centre back in 2017.  All the tracks are from the first part of “Journey to the Mountain of Forever” album, which contains only the duo of sax and drums. The second one was recorded with guest appearances from saxophonist Evan Parker, trumpeter Byron Wallen, harpist Tori Handsley tabla player Sarathy Korwar and drummer Yussef Dayes.

Sessions to “Journey to the Mountain of Forever” were actually recorded completely live from Mark Ronson’s Zelig studio direct to a 1960’s Studer C37 1/4” tape machine at Gearbox’s studio - no edits, drop-ins, or mixing down. We had this live collaboration feeling registered on the wax, now we can experience the same compositions, but in a new interpretation of the studio album.

I know that listening to a live album is not the same as a live show as a whole thing, but with those two amazing musicians, you can experience amazing chemistry between the musicians and the excitement of the audience, and the most important - the beautiful music.


Watch the video to Binker and Moses from Jools Holland show presenting a live version of the song “Intoxication From The Jahvmonishi Leaves”:

Binker and Moses are a semi-free jazz saxophone and drums duo. They are among the frontrunners of a loose yet interconnected group of London-based jazz musicians that are influenced by the music that surrounds them, including grime, hiphop and electronica as well as jazz.

Binker Golding and Moses Boyd have been friends for a few years, they have played in several bands together, and ended up as one of the most powerful duets in the recent history of jazz music. They recorded three albums as a duo: “Dem Ones” (2015), “Journey to the Mountain of Forever” (2017) and “Alive in the East?” (2018), all on the Gearbox label. Then they took a little break to focus on solo material.

Binker Golding released last year’s phenomenal solo debut album “Abstractions of Reality Past and Incredible Feathers” via Gearbox Records, one of The Wicked Sound 2019 favorites! He also released earlier last year a live album with Elliot Galvin, recorded at the Vortex jazz club.

Moses Boyd after free very different but equally interesting singles released in 2020 his new solo album “Dark Matter” on his own Exodus Record. The album features Theon Cross (tube), Nathaniel Cross (trombone), Nubya Garcia (sax), Ife Ogunjobi (trumpet), Artie Zaitz (guitar), Joe Armon-Jones (keys), Obongjayar, and Poppy Ajudha.



From our Blog: Moses Boyd Shortlisted for Mercury Prize Album of the Year, and also shared a new video to the song “Stranger Than Fiction”.


From our Blog: Binker & Moses and Basement Jaxx presents Village of the Sun



Listen below to Binker and Moses live version of the song “Intoxication From The Jahvmonishi Leaves”, from their forthcoming live album “Escape The Flames”:

Binker and Moses new live album “Escape The Flames” will come out on 11th December 2020, via Gearbox Records.



Binker Golding – sax

Moses Boyd - drums



  1. The Departure
  2. Intoxication From The Jahvmonishi Leaves
  3. Fete By The River
  4. Trees On Fire
  5. The Shaman's Chant
  6. Leaving The Now Behind

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