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    Finnish composer Jimi Tenor announces his new album “Aulos” on Philophon Records with a new single “Afroeuropean”.

    Finnish composer Jimi Tenor announces his new album “Aulos” on Philophon Records with a new single “Afroeuropean”. It’s the third song promoting his new LP, first one “Vocalize My Luv” came out in 2019 featuring Frafra gospel singers Florence Adooni and Lizzy Amaliyenga, the second one “Sugar and Spice” came in July 2020, as a perfect summer hit for Jazz, Boogie, Soul and Afro-Beat lovers. "Aulos“ is Jimi Tenor's second album on Philophon. "Aulos“ is a woodwind instrument from ancient Greece - like the tenor sax is a woodwind instrument of modern times. Basically, the core crew is the same as on his Philophon debut „Order of Nothingness“: besides our Finnish singer…

  • www.thewickedsound.com Mark de Clive-Lowe Dreamweavers Andrea Lombardini Tommaso Cappellato Bird of Prey
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    Mark de Clive-Lowe, Andrea Lombardini and Tommaso Cappellato are the Dreamweavers and they shared their first single “Birds Of Prey”

    Mark de Clive-Lowe, Andrea Lombardini and Tommaso Cappellato are the Dreamweavers and they shared their first single “Birds Of Prey”. Mark de Clive-Lowe returns to his roots with a new electro-acoustic record “Dreamweavers”, displaying his talent as a pianist and composer in partnership with creative collaborators bass player Andrea Lombardini and drummer Tommaso Cappellato. The two Italians have been a consistent presence on Mark de Clive-Lowe’s European tours for several years now, and it was during a road trip from Italy to Switzerland that Lombardini and Cappellato envisioned producing an MdCL album themselves. “Dreamweavers” reflects on and celebrates the sounds that de Clive-Lowe grew up loving and finding inspiration in…

  • www.thewickedsound.com Hugo Kant Far From Home
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    Hugo Kant is back with a brilliant new album “Far From Home” and an atmospheric new single “The Second Sun”

    Hugo Kant is back with a brilliant new album “Far From Home” and an atmospheric new single “The Second Sun”. Hugo Kant is the solo studio project of multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer Quentin Le Roux, from Marseilles, France. He played on that album on keyboards, flutes, bass, guitar, drums, flugelhorn, clarinet, and also sang on two songs “Sure The Sun Will Rise” and “Come With Me”. His music incorporates and redefines elements of jazz, hip-hop, trip-hop, classical music, 70’s rock, and world music to form a rich original and cohesive whole. “The Second Sun” grabs your attention and takes you for a hypnotic ride, which is dense and atmospheric, with…

  • www.thewickedsound.com Matthew Halsall Salute to the Sun
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    Matthew Halsall unveils new band and announces ‘Salute to the Sun’ his new album on Gondwana Records

    Matthew Halsall unveils his new band and announces “Salute to the Sun” his new album on Gondwana Records and shares his first single “Joyful Spirits of the Universe”. Matthew is a composer, trumpeter, producer, DJ and founder of Gondwana Records, His soulful playing radiates a thoughtful beauty and a composer and band-leader who has created his own rich sound world. A sound that draws on the heritage of British jazz, the spiritual jazz of Alice Coltrane and Pharoah Sanders, as well as world music and electronica influences, and even modern art and architecture, to create something uniquely his own. "Salute to the Sun" is his first album as a leader…

  • www.thewickedsound.com Maisha Open The Gates
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    London ensemble Maisha released an epic new single “Open The Gates”.

    London ensemble Maisha released an epic new single “Open The Gates”, 16 minutes long rhythmic spiritual jazz, based on a simple melody and bassline. Binker Golding and Tamar Osborn joined the band in the studio, bringing their unique styles to the recording. On the flip side is a beautiful live recording of "Osiris" (taken from 2018 album “There Is A Place”). The recording was taken from the band’s final show of 2019, in Lille, France. “Osiris” featured bandleader Jake Long joined by the original line-up from the album sessions – Amané Suganami, Twm Dylan, Tim Doyle, Shirley Tetteh and Nubya Garcia (plus Al MacSween who has been touring frequently with…

  • www.thewickedsound.com Tamar Osbourne Wojtek Mazolewski Edward Waiki Nache Get Your Jazz Together
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    Watch Wojtek Mazolewski, Tamar Osborn and Edward Wakili-Hick in fiery improvisation taking part in “Get Your Jazz Together” initiative

    Wojtek Mazolewski, Tamar Osborn and Edward Wakili-Hick joined their forces in fiery improvisation as a part of the initiative “Get Your Jazz Together” from Adam Mickiewicz Institute. The artists met on Saturday 19th September 2020 on the stage of the legendary Warsaw club SPATiF. A special radio show hosted by the DJ and music journalist Pete On the Corner, featuring a recording of the concert, aired on Wednesday 23rd September on Worldwide FM, but it’s still available on Worldwide FM website and Mixcloud platform. Watch below a video to Wojtek Mazolewski, Tamar Osborn and Edward Wakili-Hick concert in Klub Spatif in Warsaw: “We need an opening. An eye to the…

  • www.thewickedsound.com Yazz Ahmed Polyhymnia Remixed Ruby Bridges
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    Yazz Ahmed announces a new remix album “Polyhymnia Remixed” with a new version of “Ruby Bridges”.

    Yazz Ahmed announces a new remix album “Polyhymnia Remixed” with a new version of “Ruby Bridges”. The album features 4 tracks, taken from her previous album “Polyhymnia” based on the evocative concept of female empowerment and representation. DJ Plead, an acclaimed dance producer who was chosen for the first single, mixed Yazz’s psychedelic, Arabic Jazz with his own Middle-Eastern influences, compelling drum patterns, heady brass tones and groove-laden basslines.   "Remixing this tune was like solving a puzzle. I tried my best to make the remix match the live and organic feel of Yazz's music, which I am envious of. Once I had the new groove in place, the rest…

  • www.thewickedsound.com Neil Cowley Building Blocks.
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    Neil Cowley reconnects with his piano on a charming new EP “Building Blocks”

    Neil Cowley reconnects with his piano on a charming new EP “Building Blocks”. “Building Blocks” is a series of tracks released over three EPs chronicling Neil Cowley’s reconnection with his principal instrument and old friend, the piano. Merging sounds and influences from ambient, electronic, improvisational and contemporary classical music; the EPs set up the release of a full length debut solo album from Neil in 2021. Neil Cowley studied at London’s Royal Academy where his prodigious talent saw him performing a Shostakovich piano concerto at the age of 10. Turning his back on his classical career early on, he entered the world of old school RnB, soul and funk and…

  • ww.thewickedsound.com Rob Mazurek Exploding Star Orchestra A Wrinkle In Time.
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    Rob Mazurek came back with star studded Exploding Star Orchestra LP “Dimensional Stardust”

    Rob Mazurek came back with star-studded Exploding Star Orchestra LP "Dimensional Stardust" and shared a new song from that album “A Wrinkle in Time Sets Concentric Circles Reeling”. Following the 2018 JazzFest Berlin debut of new Exploding Star Orchestra (ESO) music, Mazurek returned to Chicago, where International Anthem took the opportunity to capture his new ESO compositions with a cast of collaborators from their collective constellation of artists. Over a handful of studio dates between August 2019 and March 2020, Mazurek arranged the pieces for eleven musicians — Nicole Mitchell, Jeff Parker, Jaimie Branch, Joel Ross, Mikel Patrick Avery, Tomeka Reid, Chad Taylor, Ingebrigt Håker Flaten, Macie Stewart, Angelica Sanchez, and…

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    London-based pianist and composer, Raffy Bushman blends jazz with hip-hop on his debut EP “Look Up”

    London-based pianist and composer, Raffy Bushman blends jazz with hip-hop on his debut EP “Look Up”. Having honed his craft along with like-minded musicians over the years, Raffy delivered his first EP, the honest and personal story of his lifelong musical journey through Hip Hop, Jazz, Classical, and Gospel, all major voices contributing to his own individual sound. The compositions are beat-heavy, yet they exude the love for adventurous harmonies and delicate textures. The trio, comprised of bassist Tom Driessler and drummer Sam Michnik, blends the roots of jazz with a sultry Hip-Hop ethos.  Watch below a video to Raffy Bushman new song “Look Up”, the first single from his…

  • www.thewickedsound.com Nubiyan Twist Cherise Tittle Tattle
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    Nubiyan Twist announces a new album “Freedom Fables” with a single “Tittle Tattle”

    Nubiyan Twist announces a new album “Freedom Fables” with a new single “Tittle Tattle” featuring super talented young vocalist Cherise Adams-Burnett. The Leeds / London collective is effortlessly fusing on that track different genres like soul, jazz, hip hop, highlife, or broken beat with great musicianship and lyrics. “Freedom Fables” is set to catapult Nubiyan Twist even further into the limelight and cement their position as one of the UK's leading soulful collectives of the current generation. It’s the follow-up to the acclaimed "Jungle Run" from Spring 2019. The album will feature some great guests: Cherise, Soweto Kinch, Pat Thomas, Ria Moran, K.O.G. and Ego Ella May, who sang on…

  • www.thewickedsound.com Maria Chiara Argirò Jamie Lemming Kosetsu
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    Maria Chiara Argirò and Jamie Leeming present “Retrograde” and “Kosetsu” from their debut album “Flow”.

    Pianist Maria Chiara Argirò and guitarist Jamie Leeming present the first two singles “Retrograde” and “Kosetsu” from their highly anticipated debut album “Flow”. Combining elements of modern jazz, electronica and contemporary folk music to create an expansive and cinematic sound, they explore a broad range of textures and emotions, ranging from dynamic sections brim-full of movement, pace and excitement, to moments that are more reflective and vulnerable. Watch below a video to Maria Chiara Argirò & Jamie Leeming new song “Retrograde”, from their forthcoming debut album “Flow”: Both are familiar names on the London jazz scene; Argirò is involved with a variety of projects including Liran Donin's 1000 Boats, Kinkajous,…

  • www.thewickedsound.com Josh Johnson Nerf Day
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    Josh Johnson unveils his new single promoting his debut LP Freedom Exercise

    Josh Johnson unveils his new singles “Western Ave” and “Nerf Day”,  promoting his debut LP “Freedom Exercise” on Northern Spy Records. Josh is a saxophonist, keyboardist, multi-instrumentalist, and composer. He has performed extensively with the likes of Jeff Parker, Makaya McCraven, Kiefer, Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, Marquis Hill, and Leon Bridges.  Johnson can be heard on such amazing records Makaya McCraven “Universal Beings” and “Universal Beings E&F Sides”, Chicago Underground Quartet “Good Days”, Jeff Parker “Suite for Max Brown” and “The New Breed”, Joshua Crumbly “Rise”, Jeremy Cunningham “The Weather Up There”, Marquis Hill “Love Tape” and “Modern Flows Vol 2”, Nate Mercerau “Joy Techniques” and Mark de Clive-Lowe “Heritage” and “Heritage…

  • www,thewickedsound.com EFG London Jazz Festival 2020 Launch
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    EFG London Jazz Festival Launch 2020

    EFG London Jazz Festival Launch 2020 Thursday 24 September | 8pm   This year the EFG London Jazz Festival will be an event that is both live and digital - Living in Two Worlds - and will run from Friday 13 to Sunday 22 November 2020. The London Jazz Festival is a music festival held every November since 1992, as  EFG London Jazz Festival since 2013. It takes place in London venues such as the Barbican and the Royal Festival Hall and in smaller jazz clubs, such as Ronnie Scott's and the Vortex Jazz Club. It is produced by Serious. The unprecedented circumstances of 2020 have meant we have had to rethink how music is experienced to create a Festival that is accessible to a wide audience and…

  • JAZZ 2020 albums recommended by The Wicked Sound
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    JAZZ 2020 albums recommended by The Wicked Sound

    Little Big II: Dreams of a Mechanical Man by Aaron Parks To Cy & Lee: Instrumentals Vol. 1 by Alabaster DePlume Dialectic Soul by Asher Gamedze AuB by AuB Against Empire (24 bit) by Bill Laswell Runway by Bob Reynolds Cassowary by CASSOWARY Blue to Red by Chip Wickham Continuation by Collocutor Ugh by Ebi Soda Gary Bartz & Maisha - Night Dreamer Direct-To-Disc Sessions by Gary Bartz & Maisha Symphonie Pacifique by Greg Foat Suite for Max Brown by Jeff Parker MORE COMING SOON