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Fresh sounds: Liyah Knight – Moon Baby

Eora/Sydney-based artist and songwriter, Liyah Knight unveils a new single Moon Baby, from her awaited sophomore EP Traveller's Guide (out now via The Orchard). The slow and steady swagger of an enunciated beat provides a backdrop to Liyah’s powerful heart-on-sleeve croons. 

As an artist whose voice is uniquely intertwined with accessible yet nuanced storytelling, Liyah Knight’s next chapter explores a genre-defying musical narrative through the peaks and troughs of love, honoring the all-encompassing range of emotions and experiences along the way. Loosely guided by Kelley & Conner's 'Emotional Cycle of Change', the six-track EP sees Liyah team up with the likes of Diesel, Tasker, IAMMXO, Garret Kato and Penny Pariah, Korky Buchek and Cyrus, as she puts pen to paper navigating these myriad layers, from naivety in love and embracing the unfamiliar, through to a deeper understanding of the self. Traversing a personal, unique fusion of various sonic tones, from folk to indie-pop and more, Knight pin-points exact emotions via a journeyed bare-all approach to songwriting.


Listen to Liyah Knight new single Moon Baby, from her awaited sophomore EP Traveller's Guide:

Liyah Knight says on the EP: So, I've opened up, I've removed the layers, and I've let somebody in. Now what? Following my debut EP Nesting, Travellers Guide explores the journey of being open to the unfamiliar; Once we strip back our layers, we are ultimately allowing ourselves to be vulnerable and to be open to new experiences. In this instance, that new experience is love. Love is exciting, love is multidimensional, and love is enlightening.


Watch below Liyah Knight new single Moon Baby, from her awaited sophomore EP Traveller's Guide:

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