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Fresh sounds: Wayne Snow – The Thrill

Nigerian born, Berlin based Neo-Soul artist Wayne Snow dropped the final video The Thrill in the incredible trilogy of singles and videos from his forthcoming album Figurine on 24th Sept

Wayne Snow has been channeling the sun-kissed, soulful vibes of his homeland ever since his first childhood encounter with a synthesizer. Now based in Berlin, Snow has been spreading warmth and his unique creative vision across the globe together with Roche Musique and highly acclaimed collaborators such as FKJ, Darius, Max Graef and Glenn Astro. And following on from the warm, sultry Seventy and the cool, studied Nina – both of which garnered acclaim from the Evening Standard, Notion, COLORS, Resident Advisor, Afropunk, and BBC Radio 1 – he now stands ready to release ‘The Thrill’, the third single taken from Figurine, his most ambitious project yet.

Three years in the making, Figurine – due for release on the 24th September 2021 – is a conceptual, personal work of depth and reflection, one that critically considers humanity’s obsession with masks and our creation of avatars. It’s a record based around a simple question – Who is the real you? – and led Snow to explore rebirth, individuality, and our obsession with social media. Love and our increasing sense of alienation are deconstructed, as is the reality of modern-day relationships. And intertwined with all this is Snow’s Nigerian heritage, and the deep sense of pride and admiration he feels towards his country of birth.


Listen to Wayne Snow new single The Thrill from his forthcoming album Figurine:

The video is visualised through a theatrical expression of the Tree of Life, which serves as a metaphor for the perfect life and a symbol of unity – the dancers represent temptations that bring us closer, or take us further away, from these ideals. It serves as a celebration of contemporary Africa and Afrofuturism, and aims to elevate the black and LGBTQIA+ community.

The diverse, queer hip-hop dance crew featured, Rebellious Dance Saints, hail from the Cape Flats, a particularly vulnerable part of the city known for its deeply seated issues of crime, poverty, violence, and are an integral part of the vibrant Cape Town LGBTQIA+ community. Acrobatic group Afrodizzy, from Kenya, give a vibrant, gravity-defying performance that showcases the boundless physical capabilities of our bodies – and by extension, our minds.


Watch below Wayne Snow new single The Thrill from his forthcoming album Figurine:

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