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Polish jazz forerunner Wojtek Mazolewski and his band live in session in The Brownswood Basement

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Gilles Peterson presents Polish jazz forerunner Wojtek Mazolewski and his band live in session in The Brownswood Basement, including a version of Art Ensemble Of Chicago’s ‘Theme De Yoyo’.

Gilles Petterson rounds off WorldWide FM Poland focus with a mix of his favorite Urszula Dudziak records.

There are few artists in Poland who would be so often invited to perform internationally, there are few genres of music whose representative would overcome boundaries so easily and whose work is understood practically in every place around the world.

Bassist, composer and a leading figure of the 21st century Polish jazz movement, Wojtek Mazolewski heads the Wojtek Mazolowski Quintet, Pink Freud, and also features in Me And That Man and Jazzombie. His ability to present jazz to younger listeners in the most unconventional of manners fuses seamlessly with a clear nod to the traditions established by the golden era of Polish jazz. Mazolewski has played and recorded together with Pete Wareham, Dennis Gonzales, Tim Berne, John Zorn, Pete Kowald, Tomasz Stanko, Zbigniew Namyslowski, Tymon Tymanski, and Mikołaj Trzaska to name a few.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aRge8a-HLh8[/embedyt]

Double Bass – Wojtek Mazolewski
Drums – Qba Janicki
Piano – Joanna Duda
Saxophone – Marek Pospieszalski
Trumpet – Oskar Török

1. Wojtek Mazelowski – Punk-t Gdańsk [Polka Worldwide Deluxe Edition]

2. Wojtek Mazelowski – London [Polka Worldwide Deluxe Edition]

3. Wojtek Mazelowski – Theme De Yoyo [Polka Worldwide Deluxe Edition]

4. Wojtek Mazelowski – Roman II [When Angles Fall] premiere 6.12.2019

5. Wojtek Mazelowski – Light Of The Universe [forthcoming]

Last year Wojtek Mazolewski Quintet released the latest album ‘Polka’. This beautiful tribute to femininity is an emotion-laden hour of brilliant sound, beautiful melodies and virtuosity. It only took the record a couple of days to win recognition of the audience and the critics. 

Sold out concerts, standing ovations, excellent reviews. Wojtek Mazolewski Quintet is the first for many years a jazz band whose music inspires so many Poles. Playing 60 concerts in Polish cities promoting the latest album Polka, WMQ proves to be a phenomenon on Polish music scene. A record crowd gathered in Warsaw concert at Jazz na Starówce Festival where around 5,000 people were listening to their music!

Wojtek Mazolewski is a Polish jazzman of the premier kind – on the one hand drawing on the classic sound and recording techniques, a musical heir of the internationally appreciated classics of Polish jazz; on the other, an artist creating music which is fresh, comprehensible for the young audience who listen to new sounds, who know and taste jazz with such artists as Koop, Brad Mehldau, or Robert Glasper Experiment.

info from http://www.polishculture.org.uk

You can album here

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