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Album Picks: Kuja Orchestra – 2020 [Jazzagression]  

A Helsinki-based instrumental band Kuja Orchestra, whose music combines rap, jazz, reggae, funk, and soul, as well as flamenco rhythms, released a new EP 2020. We provide a musically relaxed atmosphere without rigid genre limitations. The starting point is a good groove, for which Kuja has been known for several decades.

Finnish nine-piece Kuja Orchestra delivered a superb album on Jazzaggression full of funk-fuelled mutations of jazz, Afrobeat, Latin jazz, dub and psychedelic rock. It was rather good, though undoubtedly criminally overlooked. There's much to enjoy throughout, from the Afro-tinged, jazz-dance-friendly brilliance of Sauna Funk and the warm jazz-funk flavours of Elevator Groove, to the rousing dancefloor hedonism of Kuja's Disco, and the fittingly titled fun of celebratory closing cut Party Boat. From start to finish, the collective combines superb grooves with some seriously good solos and horn arrangements.



Listen to Kuja Orchestra new EP album 2020


Antti Vuornos [aka Pyloris],

DJ Dee, Heikki Tuhkanen,

Jussi Paavola,

Jorma Kalevi Louhivuori,

Linda Fredriksson,

Olli Rautiainen,

Pasi Siitonen [aka Stig],

Ville Nissinen




A1 Elevator Groove
A2 Samuels Rumba
A3 Sauna Funk
B1 Northern Lights
B2 Kuja's Disco
B3 Party Boat

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