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“Deixa” is a new single from Bebel Gilberto.

"Deixa" is a new single from bossa nova superstar Bebel Gilberto. The song is promoting Gilberto's first new record in six years entitled "Agora". Album will be available May 1st, 2020 Pias Recordings.

Gilberto recorded the album after several personal tragedies, including the deaths of her parents, legendary Brazilian musicians João Gilberto and Miúcha. "Agora" was produced by Thomas Bartlett (Sufjan Stevens, St. Vincent). 

"I have gone through a lot while we were writing and recording this album. I lost my best friend, then six months later my Mom and then six months after that my Dad. It was very hard for me and still is,” says Bebel Gilberto. “I took a different approach with Agora, supported by the love and confidence I received from my long-time friend and producer of the album, Thomas Bartlett. Thomas trusted me – and let me be me. The album, as a result, is a little bit crazier, more mature and extremely sincere.”

Listen to Gilberto’s new single “Deixa”.

World-renowned and multi-Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Bebel Gilberto has been enchanting fans and critics worldwide since her solo debut release in 1986.

Her breakout album “Tanto Tempo” in 2000 featured her trademark electronic bossa nova, taking over clubs around the world and positioning Bebel as one of the top-selling Brazilian artists since the ’60s.

Critically-acclaimed albums to follow included “Bebel Gilberto” (2004), on which she refined her sound to create an acoustic lounge style that showcased her strengths as a Brazilian composer, and “Momento” (Six Degrees 2007), which masterfully showcased her skills at fusing all her musical styles.

Bebel’s 2009 Grammy-nominated album “All in One" (Verve), brought to the forefront more of Bebel’s personality and love for organic rhythms. Bebel followed up with the album “Tudo”, released in August 2014 on Sony to great media acclaim.

Bebel Gilberto "Agora" tracklist:

1. Tão Bom
2. Agora
3. Cliché
4. Bolero
5. Essence
6. Na Cara
7. Deixa – Have a Listen 
8. Raio
9. Yet Another Love Song
10. O Que Não Foi Dito
11. Teletransportador

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