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Emanative released spontaneous single “Energy/ Misguided Meditations” from isolation

Emanative released spontaneous single “Energy/ Misguided Meditations” from isolation. Music came with an open letter to fans:


"Strange, strange, strange.

I don't need to tell you about these surreal times, everybody else is doing that for you, including the mental noise in your own heads.... and on the subject of mental, or rather governmental, many artists I know aren't going to be able to rely on any help from them during these times...

So, I collaborated with Tamar Collocutor & Sarathy Korwar as well as bassist Fergal McBride and artist Emily Evans not forgetting my long time Mastering engineer Tony Dixon @ Masterpiece...

and of course my spiritual digital home, Bandcamp here, to bring you a new digital only release. The drums were recorded by Tim Pennells at Floating Productions.

I really hope you like it. I think we all need some good Energy right now, take the oppurtunity to find the positive in this break from the rat race, planet earth needs it as much as we do.




Listen to Emanative “Energy/ Misguided Meditations” below:

Led by drummer and producer Nick Woodmansey, Emanative have created a cosmic strand of multi-cultural UK jazz with African, Indian and Middle Eastern influences unlike any other act on the UK scene.

Born in 1975 and growing up in Sussex, music was part of Nick’s life from an early age as his dad Mick ('Woody') Woodmansey was the drummer with Bowie’s Spiders from Mars. His father instilled in him a life-long passion in drums, teaching him the basics. Plans to go to art college were shelved after he moved to London in 1991, squatting in Dalston, and esconsing himself in the London music scene. A few years later Woodmansey took a 12-month gig playing drums on a cruise ship, before returning to the UK and spending the next decade playing on the London scene in various projects whilst raising a family – it was there he decided to go it alone and so in 2006 Emanative was official.

Initially Emanative was an output for Woodmansey’s more beat-led productions which he began releasing in 2008. Over the course of a decade and a multitude of singles and three full-length albums, the project has morphed – emanated – into a collaborative, jazz-influenced, outward-facing globally-inspired collective.


Listen to Emanative previous project with great Phil Ranelin below:

In this project Emanative come through yet again with a collaboration blessed with the experience & wisdom of one of the worlds great underground jazz elders, the co-founder of the legendary Detroit based independant label; Tribe Records, Trombonist, Phil Ranelin.



Emanative “Energy/ Misguided Meditations” tracklist and personel:




Tamar Osborn - Bass Clarinet

Fergal McBride - Bass

Nick Woodmansey - Drums, Production & Mixing


Misguided Meditations


Sarathy Korwar - Tabla

Nick Woodmansey - Drums, Percussion, Sampling, Production & Mixing

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