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Fresh Sounds: D’agua Negra – Acopalices

Extraordinary Brasilian vocal trio D'agua Negra released Acopalices, jazzy, sophisticated and elegant, new song is an antidote to chaos and a pure delight for the senses.

D'Água Negra is an Amazonian product, undoubtedly, but without any commitment to the regional cliché. Composed by Clariana Brandão Arruda, Bruno Barrozo Belchior and Melka (the last to join the then duo), the trio, with completely different academic backgrounds, lawyer, psychologist, and pediatrician, respectively, found themselves tied to the same, pulsating theme:  the northeastern idiosyncrasy. All born in the capital of Amazonas and similarly involved in cultural projects, particularly in the field of music, their paths crossed in early 2020, just before they were separated by the pandemic. Isolated, each one in his own private universe, they watched the images coming from their backyards, which were printed on the pages of newspapers all over the world. Open graves and more open graves, bodies in excess, lack of oxygen, death. Manaus was chaotic. Reminiscent of a Bosch painting, the horrifying scenes were the perfect illustration of the apocalypse.



Listen to D'agua Negra new single Acopalices, from the band's forthcoming debut album:

D'Água Negra (river Rio Negro) brings a fundamental geographical location for us, as a Manaura project, from the North, but, just like the river, whose waters evaporate and travel to the continents, we also embrace different artistic languages, references such as jazz, blues, soul, breakbeat, electronic music, in short, we are a musical laboratory open to everything, connecting us to the whole world, explained Bruno. 


Watch below D'agua Negra new single Acopalices, from the band's forthcoming debut album:

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