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Fresh Sounds: TEE – Crown of Thorns ft. Lauren Iyra & Little Grace

Liverpool’s hip hop / R'n'B artist TEE unveils the new single Crown of Thorns featuring Lauren Iyra and Little Grace.

The song is the second single taken from the EP, premiered 26th February 2021, which tackles fatherhood, vulnerability, mental health and love within its umbrella concept of emotional acceptance and expectation. Combining TEE’s production and lyrical delivery, the introduction to Farrell’s music is as highly ambitious as it is cinematic in its sensory appeal.

“When two flawed people commit to the pursuit of love and acceptance nothing can get in the way. The title Crown of Thorns is the concept of taking something that is painful and turning into something beautiful. Yes it’s made of thorns but they have created a crown nevertheless. We are all flawed, every single one of us and that’s what makes us who we are. What will you create from those flaws”, says TEE.

2021 marks an authoritative step toward the spotlight by an artist that has already promised so much but is now looking to deliver. As we will come to see, TEE’s music is unflinching in its demand that it’s time to talk, led by the commitment of an artist who’s centered their purpose on a need to listen.


Watch below video of TEE new song Crown Of Thorns,  featuring Lauren Iyra & Little Grace, from his just-released debut album A Dozen Roses/A Love Story:

Owning much to a religious upbringing, where he honed his multi-instrumental talent and ear for arrangement through playing in Church bands, TEE’s artistic voice has always retained an appreciation for collective harmony and the diversity of the chorus.

Since 2016, Terell Farrell has steadily risen to become a key figure in Liverpool’s burgeoning RnB and Neo-Soul scene. Firstly proving his credentials as a forward-thinking arranger, producer, and bass player for artists such as MIC Lowry, XamVolo, Sub Blue, and Little Grace, he has since embarked on a journey that sees him carry forward his signature emotionally-driven pop and RnB to form a project entirely of his own design. TEE is Farrell’s truest and most sincere artistic statement to date. 


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Listen to TEE new song Crown Of Thorns,  featuring Lauren Iyra & Little Grace, from his just-released debut album A Dozen Roses/A Love Story:

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