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Lost Miles Davis’ Album “Rubberband” Set for Release This Year

This is my first post on this blog and it has to be huge! In September 2019 after 34 long years lost Miles Davis’ album called "Rubberband" will be available to listen/buy/enjoy.

In 1985 Davis after his departure from longtime label Columbia, began recording a new album which was set to be his first album for Warner Bros. That record was shelved in favor of 1986’s "Tutu". Last year brought us a new  EP of the same name. Now it’s been announced that "Rubberband" will be released in its entirety, finished by the original producers alongside Davis’ nephew, Vince Wilburn Jr., who played drums on the album.


Listen to Miles Davis "Rubberband" below:

The full album will be released on September 6th via Rhino, with a cover painting by Davis himself.

Featured on the album are Lalah Hathaway and Ledisi, who guests on an alternate version of the title track, “Rubberband of Life” which appeared on last year’s EP. You can hear full Ep with the title track in five different versions.

Randy Hall, a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist who was part of the album’s core production team, said in an interview: “He wanted a hit on radio, and the vibe at those sessions was street and it was funky. That’s what Miles wanted to get back to, kind of like what he did with "Bitches Brew" and "On the Corner".”


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Watch Miles Davis "Rubberband" below:


01 Rubberband of Life [ft. Ledisi]
02 This Is It
03 Paradise
04 So Emotional [ft. Lalah Hathaway]
05 Give It Up
06 Maze
07 Carnival Time
08 I Love What We Make Together [ft. Randy Hall]
09 See I See
10 Echoes in Time/The Wrinkle
11 Rubberband

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