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Song of the Day: Muriel Grossmann – Resonance

Saxophonist and composer Muriel Grossmann released the new song Resonance, the first single off her forthcoming album Universal Code.

Since 2007, the saxophonist has been releasing albums of uncommon quality and depth. After arriving in Ibiza from Barcelona in 2004, she has created a distinctively individual approach to spiritual jazz. Building on a sound developed in the 1960s by the Coltranes and others, Grossmann's approach joins African music, modal jazz, gospel, blues, free-jazz and Eastern traditions with a fluid, nearly elastic polyrhythmic sensibility.

The Paris-born, Vienna-raised Grossmann believes our evolution
towards enlightenment is already engraved in our being, our humanity. While physical DNA evidences it biologically, our path according to Buddhist belief, no matter how many lifetimes we inhabit, always moves towards an awakening that transcends, and ultimately frees us from DNA's biological limitations. Music, a form of communication that exists beyond spoken language transcends it's own formally notated DNA. Grossmann employs her experiential and learned musical and life knowledge, linking them to a profound desire to ease the suffering of others, and to encourage evolution toward enlightenment and freedom.

Listen to Muriel Grossmann new song Resonance, the single from her forthcoming album Universal Code:

This music on Universal Code is long on contemplative, instrumental dexterity, as well as harmonic and rhythmic invention. Its spiritual aspirations are articulated via interrogative melodies, poignant solos, and interwoven grooves that resonate inside the listener's ears, mind, and body. Universal Code features Grossmann's quartet on six tracks that bookend three (Transience, Essence, and Non-Duality), with a quintet that includes double bassist Gina Schwarz. Belgrade-born guitarist Radomir Milojkovic has been working with Grossmann since 2002. His rounded tone and endless curiosity add immeasurably to the group's questing approach. Serbian drummer Uros Stamenkovic and double bassist Gina Schwarz (herself an Austrian bandleader and recording artist) joined for 2016's Natural Time, trademarking the collective's unique approach. In 2018, Hammond B-3 organist Llorenç Barcelo, from the neighbouring island Mallorca, joined the band, appearing on 2019's Reverence, 2020’s Quiet Earth and 2021’s Union.

The music follows a winding aural road from intention to impression to perception, and from awareness to transformation and ultimately, transcendence. Resonance commences with a tom tom break, probing guitar chords and a B-3 vamp. Grossmann's soprano enters on the second chorus as the ensemble's rhythms begin percolating. She rides the mode, creating an Eastern-tinged swing. Milojkovic's snaky guitar break engages blues and postbop.



Watch below Muriel Grossmann performing live another song Clarity, from her forthcoming album Universal Code:

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