The Wicked Sound Playlist 2020.01.4 cover Jazz Funk Soul Reggae Beats
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The Wicked Sound Playlist 2020/01/4 Jazz Funk Soul Reggae Beats

The Wicked Sound 2020/01/4 new playlist with new music across Jazz, Funk, Soul, Reggae, Electronic music and Hip Hop Beats.

Maverick Sabre presents his new acoustic soul reggae single. Skip Marley - grandson of Bob Marley - made a beautiful duo with Grammy-nominated R'n'B singer H.E.R.  German dub artists Jamaram and Umberto Echo worked together to give us this bouncy and vibey tune. The next song is dub infused funky instrumental out from Greece courtesy of Timewarp Inc.

German DJ Sepalot with Matthias Lindermayr, Fabian Füss, and Angela Aux made beautiful Radiohead inspired nu-jazz song.  Followed by charming and mesmerizing new single from polish nu-jazz/post-rock quartet Jazzpospolita. Ruby Rushton’s trumpeter and composer Nick Walters, with friends from 22a, on the second single from his new album under his name.

Two Texas artists, funk-soul trio Khruangbin and soul singer Leon Bridges team up on relaxing sunny Ep, promoting it with this song. Son Little presents a new gorgeous and catchy soul single from his upcoming album. Funk heavy hitter Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio takes us on a ride with B3 organs, guitar, and drums. You can listen to it 20 times on a repeat and still want to play it again.

Jungle Fire is a “TropiFunk from Los Angeles”, and it’s definitely worth a listen. Delightful new song from beat mastermind RJD2 comes next. Underground Canopy is a new project of a collaboration between two producers Bluestaeb and S. Fidelity.  It’s laid back hip hop Jazztronica.

A new soulful and hypnotizing single from Australian deep soul team Dojo Cuts. Izo FitzRoy is known for working with Shawn Lee, Dimitri From Paris and Kraak & Smaak. Now on her powerful disco driven new track. Last but not least funksters Crowd Company is giving kick, featuring Ryan Zoidis and Eric Bloom from Grammy-nominated Lettuce.


You can listen to this playlist also HERE. (link to multiple music platforms of your choice)

The Wicked Sound weekly playlist 2020/01/4 Tracklist:


1            Maverick Sabre - Lonely Side of Life (acoustic)

2            Skip Marley, H.E.R. - Slow Down - Acoustic

3            Jamaram, Umberto Echo - Sick Situation Dub

4            Timewarp Inc -Theory of Revolution - Instrumental

5            Sepalot, Matthias Lindermayr, Fabian Füss, Angela Aux - Tocole

6            Jazzpospolita - Przedwiośnie

7            Nick Walters - Gordian Knot, Pt. 2

8            Khruangbin, Leon Bridges - C-Side

9            Son Little - neve give up

10          Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio - Fo Sho

11          Jungle Fire - Quémalo

12          RJD2 - No Helmet Up Indianola - digital

13          Underground Canopy (Bluestaeb, S. Fidelity) - Nebrasko

14          Dojo Cuts - Berries

15          Izo FitzRoy - Blind Faith

16          Crowd Company, Ryan Zoidis, Eric Bloom - A New Direction

Another week, another The Wicked Sound playlist with a selection of wicked tunes. Music from around the world across all music genres, jazz, funk, afrobeat, soul, hip-hop, electronic music, reggae, and more, all of them full of positive energy and good vibes.
There is so much good new music to listen to and share with you. So many incredible artists put out recently brilliant singles or albums and we will try to listen to them and select the best on a weekly basis.

Please listen, share, and enjoy! Comments are also really welcome. You can listen to it also on multiple music platforms of your choice.
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