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Thijsenterprise release a second single “Sketchy” from his forthcoming album “Lahringen”

Thijsenterprise release a second single “Sketchy” from his forthcoming album “Lahringen” coming out via Rucksack Records. As my first reaction to the title of this track, I thought of a sketch of drawing, as something rough and incomplete. Something that gives us a general idea but without many details. But after watching a homemade video to the track made by Thijsenterprise, a similar idea came to me - "sketchy" in skate’s slang is used to describe anything that is not perfect or ideal. My impression was absolutely opposite, composition is short, but expressive, and perfect the way it is, it stuck in my head, and don’t want to leave.

Artist confessed that he took his inspirations from James Chance, and The Lounge Lizards, but he used his skills as a beatmaker and sax player the way, how Jeff Parker and Makaya McCraven are building their music. Having all of the names above in the front of me, great musicians, and a great source of inspirations, and an amazing album “Lahringen” coming out from the speakers, I don’t know how to do not like him? His music merged boom bap hip hop, 80s aesthetic, modern production and intense but melodic sax solos the way, that I can imagine this album in a constant loop.

Rainier had a really productive year, which started with a mind-blowing EP “Snits”, then not one, but two great mixtapes "Night Store Beats" and "Soul Food & Skunk Breaks", and the moment, when I thought that my appetite was already satisfied, he came back with the phenomenal album. Big congratulations to Thijsenterprise, but also to Rucksack Records, a record company behind all of those releases, for keeping up with great music.


Watch the video to Thijsenterprise new song “Sketchy”, the second single from his forthcoming new album “Lahringen”:

“When I started making beats, that came from a deep love for hip-hop but also to see if I could create music without my saxophone. In that sense, I’m more of a musician rather than I’m a beatmaker,” says Reinier.

All songs composed & produced by Thijsenterprise (Reinier Thijs) with exception of the first single from the album “El Arriero” by Gato Barbieri & Héctor Roberto Chavero / Antonietta Paula Pepin. Another two covers are “The Allegroes”, originally by Xero Slingsby, and “Contort Yourself” by James White. Three songs from the “Snits” EP, are here in the new album versions.

The title of the album, “Lahringen” is an anagram for the Dutch city Harlingen, as used by author Simon Vestdijk in his Anton Wachter novel series, whom is Thijsenterprise's favorite writer. The album is part of his “Elfsteden” (“Eleven Cities”) series of releases, each named after a city in an infamous Dutch ice-skating race that only takes place in brutal winters. The first one “ Dokkum” came out in 2018. Does it mean that we might expect another nine albums from Reinier? If yes, I’m absolutely up for it.

Listen below to Thijsenterprise new song “Sketchy”, the second single from his forthcoming new album “Lahringen”:

Thijsenterprise new album “Lahringen” will come out on 27th November 2020, via Rucksack Records.



  1. Muslikt
  2. Another Digital Handshake (Album Version)
  3. El Arriero
  4. Kuchsfeer
  5. Skeer Is Meer (Album Version)
  6. One For Poots
  7. Rietje
  8. Never Stop Jumping Fences
  9. Sketchy
  10. Contort Yourself
  11. Do Nothing Without Intention (Album Version)
  12. Skate And Destroy
  13. The Allegroes
  14. Saxspetters
  15. Ploerterig
  16. Drunken Break Theme

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