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Alabaster dePlume releases new mini EP called “Visit Croatia”.

Alabaster dePlume releases a new mini EP called “Visit Croatia”. Back in February he released one of the best albums this year, “To Cy & Lee: Instrumentals Vol. 1” through International Anthem (Chicago) Lost Map (Eigg) and Total Refreshment Centre (London). It is a compilation of instrumentals, taken from early releases, re-mastered, with new some material.

"Visit Croatia" from that album was later prominently sampled by Bon Iver on "PDLIF". Today, he released that song as a single with two previously unreleased B-sides: "Black Drifts" and "The Good Wine".


From our Blog: Danalogue, Sarathy Korwar and Alabaster dePlume unite on a new song “Amoeba’s Dream”.


Watch the video below to Alabaster dePlume new songs “The Good Wine” and “Black Drifts”, from the mini EP called “Visit Croatia”:

"I love music, and words and performance, but it will never be as good as people. So, if I’m going to get my work done, I must sometimes go away from people. In the middle of a heavy gigging schedule I chose to take two cassette recorders somewhere I could be unreachable, for a week. I made many things there, including these tunes. It was winter. I chopped firewood. A chinook flew over my head. I gradually came to trust myself, to be sincere”, Alabster said about new tracks.


He also shares one more unreleased track “Seen” exclusively on Bandcamp only for one day. Whoever was lucky to hear it, knows that is mesmerizing like the rest of his work.

Alabaster deplume new EP “Visit Croatia” came out via International Anthem on 20 July 2020.


Listen below to Alabaster dePlume new songs “The Good Wine” and “Black Drifts”, from the mini EP called “Visit Croatia”:

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