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Tamil Rogeon – Son Of Nyx [Soul Bank Music]

Melbourne-based, jazz violist/violinist and orchestral composer, Tamil Rogeon, returns with the new album Son Of Nyx, released on  Soul Bank Music (part of the !K7 Music Group).

His first full-length album in three years, Son of Nyx is one of the very few viola-led jazz LPs of our time. Named Son of Nyx after Greek God of satire, Momus, (who is a twin of Oizys and son of Nyx, Goddess of the night), the album is a swirling six-track prism of exploratory modal jazz, afro-latin percussion and boundless string-led composition, featuring some of the most exciting musicians working in Melbourne today. From Bamboos keyboardist, Daniel Mougerman, 30/70 and Gondwana Orchestra vocalist, Allysha Joy, to “freaky” post-bop drummer, Danny Fischer, and co-produced by long-time Rogeon collaborator and revered DJ, keyboardist and house producer, Harvey Sutherland in his studio in Melbourne.



Listen to Tamil Rogeon new album: 


Whilst often not an instrument typically associated with jazz, violin greats from Jean-Luc Ponty, Stéphane Grappelli, Micha Urbaniak or Zbigniew Seifert have gone on to become iconic figures in the jazz canon, yet little can be said for the viola. Often considered the older sibling to the violin, the viola is larger in size and the tone is a lot deeper, something Rogeon was keen to make use of on Son Of Nyx.



Tamil Rogeon: viola;

Sam Keevers: keyboards;

Daniel Mougerman: keyboards;

Sam Anning: bass;

Danny Fischer: drums;

Javier Fredes: percussion.

Featuring vocals from celestial four-piece choir, Allysha Joy, Jace XL, Ladi Tiaryn Griggs and Rita Satch




A1 House No Wheels
A2 Bad Sandals
A3 Banished
B1 Momus
B2 Mount Olympus
B3 Horns No Eyes


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