Village of the Sun feat Binker and Moses
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Binker & Moses and Basement Jaxx presents Village of the Sun

Binker & Moses and Basement Jaxx present Village of the Sun:

Village of the Sun is the name of a new musical band/project initiated by one-half of legendary electronic dance-music duo Basement Jaxx’s Simon Ratcliffe. Simon invited to collaboration one of the leaders of the new London jazz scene boom – jazz duo Binker and Moses (tenor saxophonist Binker Golding and drummer Moses Boyd).

Simon Ratcliffe co-wrote the two tracks with Golding and Boyd and plays all the instruments on them other than saxophone and drums. Two-track single represent stylistic crossover of energetic rhythms, electronic beats, and spiritual jazz-inspired improvisation.

Ratcliffe says: “I’ve always liked improvised instrumental music. It has this intensity and eccentricity and takes me places. It connects with me deeply and resonates with me far more than traditional ‘songs’ with words. I approached Binker & Moses with these two tracks, just sonic skeletons really. They gave it flesh and blood – it was just left for me to dress it.”

Listen to Binker & Moses and Basement Jaxx as Village of the Sun below:

Binker Golding and Moses Boyd have been friends for a few years, they have played in several bands together, and ended up as one of the most powerful duets in the recent history of jazz music. They recorded three albums as a duo: “Dem Ones” (2015), “Journey to the Mountain of Forever” (2017) and “Alive in the East?” (2018), all on the Gearbox label. Then they took a little break to focus on solo material.

Binker Golding released last year’s phenomenal solo debut album “Abstractions of Reality Past and Incredible Feathers” via Gearbox Records, one of The Wicked Sound 2019 favorites! He also released earlier last year a live album with Elliot Galvin, recorded at the Vortex jazz club.

Moses Boyd after free very different but equally interesting singles just released his new solo album “Dark Matter” on his own Exodus Record.

Release of the 12″ single “Village of the Sun” / “Ted” come as a surprise, but it’s kind of surprise which we all need, subtle electronic beats, high textured drums and full of raw energy sax lines. I hope this single is just an appetizer for a full-length album.

Watch Binker & Moses and Basement Jaxx as Village of the Sun below:

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