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Fresh Sounds: Allie Wilding – Castles Burning

Soulful producer and saxophonist Allie Wilding releases her second single Castles Burning, taken from her forthcoming EP, The Love-Chord, out February 11, 2022.

Castles Burning is a jazzy hip-hop, soul/funk instrumental inspired by Neil Young’s Don’t Let It Bring You Down. The song features reverb-soaked piano, soul-jazz saxophone riffs, crunchy drums, and dreamy, ethereal vocal samples. I created this song meditating on the personal loss of a loved one as well as watching massive wildfires destroy my home state of California. Neil Young is one of my favorite musicians, and the energy of this song conveys a sense of loss and death but also of the idea of starting over and creating something meaningful and beautiful amidst loss, says Allie Wilding.


Listen to Allie Wilding new single Castles Burning, taken from her forthcoming EP, The Love-Chord:

The Love-Chord EP blends together a cross-section of genres and influences from jazz to soul to hip-hop and electronica. Inspired by feelings of longing and belonging, The Love-Chord features dreamy soundscapes to evoke memories of a California childhood and falling in love with music.

Everything about the process of writing this EP took me back to where I grew up and exploring the landscapes on the fringes of the San Francisco Bay Area. I realized that the album was about the idea of home and our inability to ever really return home. It’s a love letter to a place and time, and where I fell in love with music. It’s about a connection to the past and coming full-circle back to myself.


Watch below video to Allie Wilding new single Castles Burning, taken from her forthcoming EP, The Love-Chord:

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