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Fresh Sounds: Yoni Mayraz – The Rat

Israeli pianist and producer Yoni Mayraz presents his new single The Rat featuring sought-after Israeli trumpeter Itamar Borochov (Yemen Blues) and mixed by Grammy-winning engineer Qmillion, known for his work on Robert Glasper's Black Radio.


The song starts with a characteristic motif played by Yoni on the piano, Noam Cherchie on drums and Shay Hazan on bass. This motif will stay with us to the end of the track, building up a really dense atmosphere. Itamar Borochov comes next on trumpet with intensive and a bit claustrophobic sound. This is very illustrative music, where the piano and trumpet are trying to outrun each other, as Yoni Mayraz described it -“it's a rush through steaming sidewalks and urban clutter". I listened to the song in a loop, a few times in a row, and I didn't want it to stop at all, whenever the song turns silent for a second, I wanted the beat to drop again. It's an excellent composition and apparently, the next part is coming soon. Can't wait for it.

The Rat symbolizes Yoni's trademark hybrid sound, bringing the sacred harmonies and rhythms of his upbringing to modern hip-hop infused jazz territory.


Listen below to Yoni Mayraz new song The Rat:

"I wrote this song in a time when I had a studio located two floors underground, and I spent days and nights there, making music and escaping the summer heat. I called it 'The Rat' when I realised one day, while running round the city and looking for my burrow, that I was just like the rat I've been sharing my studio with for the last couple of weeks..." says Yoni.

After honing his skills as a key pianist, composer and producer in the vibrant Tel Aviv music scene, Yoni delivered his first EP Rough Cuts in 2020, the honest and personal story of his musical journey through oriental sounds, 90's East-Coast Hip Hop and Jazz's piano greats, all major voices contributing to his own individual sound.  Yoni's compositions are rugged, yet they exude the love for adventurous harmonies and delicate textures.

The Rat is the first half to be released out of a pair of two singles. Each one of the tracks Stands alone by itself, and by listening to both, one perceives a clear image of Yoni’s unique aesthetic vision and style. The second tune will be released in March so make sure to stay tuned!


Watch below to a video of Toni Mayraz new song The Rat:

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