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Funky DL released compilation album entitled, “Hip-Hop Jazz …with Voices”.

Funky DL released a compilation album entitled, "Hip-Hop Jazz ...with Voices".

Each track is laced with harmonic and melancholic jazz vocal-chorus chants throughout the audio as a soothing compliment to the boom-bap beats. The compilation emanates a cinematic vibe throughout, with the soundscape acting almost like an enchanting Parisian street scene.

Featuring 17 instrumentals lifted from his albums "NANE", "Le Emporium De Jazz", "Incognito in Soho", "Blackcurrent Jazz 3", "Dennison Point" and "Life After Dennison", Funky DL also includes a brand new instrumental entitled "Star Hands", demonstrating once again how he taste-makes to perfection during this chilled playlist escapism.

Funky DL produced and released this instrumental hip hop album based on tracks that he has never recorded any vocals for. British producer contemplated the idea of adding soothing and ambient background vocal chants and harmonies without the use of actual words, to help keep the vibe of each track.


Listen to Funky DL compilation album "Hip-Hop Jazz ...with Voices" below:

Funky DL (aka Naphta Newman) is a hiphop producer and a rapper from East London who made his name in the 1990s doing smooth raps over jazzy beats on albums like "Classic Was the Day." He's released over 20 albums since his 1997 debut, and that doesn't include the numerous instrumental albums.

Only two years later after his debut, he won a MOBO award in the category of Best Hip Hop Act and was the only X3 consecutive UK hip-hop nominee period. Looking back to another 12 successful years within the industry, DL was releasing nearly 50 different 12”s and 18 albums, remixing for famous acts such as Missy Elliot and Keith Sweat, traveling the world, touring and producing, owning and running a record label.

It's a good summation of Funky DL's approach to making hip-hop: keep the legacy of fifties and sixties jazz and nineties hip-hop alive, ignoring the trends of the day.


Listen/watch Funky DL "Hip-Hop Jazz ...with Voices" on YouTube below:

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