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Jamael Dean dropped an EP “Oblivion” for Stones Throw Records

Jamael Dean dropped an EP “Oblivion” for Stones Throw Records. Last year he released his first full-length titled “Black Space Tapes” for the same prestigious label. "Oblivion" is a 3-track, 30-minute EP album, available on vinyl and tape.

“'People of the Moon' is a healing piece “about connecting to your roots, and the values communicated through you as a messenger for your people. Each melody represents an individual idea and they orbit each other like satellites. Everyone plays with the times of each melody simultaneously which makes the song sound like it’s breathing”, Jamael explains.


Watch the video to Jamael Dean new song "People of the Moon", the single from his new EP “Oblivion” below:

Jamael Dean is a Los Angeles based pianist and producer, who has already collaborated and performed with the likes of Kamasi Washington, Thundercat, Miguel Atwood-Ferguson and Carlos Niño.

Jamael’s music reflects the influence of his contemporaries as well as his jazz ancestors: Sun Ra, Alice Coltrane, Herbie Hancock, and his grandfather, a soul-jazz drummer Donald Dean.

Jamael Dean said in the interview that watching his grandfather play helps him to build own approach to the piano. “That’s what made me want to play jazz. Watching him interact with his buddies—that was something I could see for myself.”

Listen to Jamael Dean new song "People of the Moon", the single from his new EP “Oblivion” below: 

Jamael Dean new album “Oblivion” comes out on 17th April 2020 through Stones Throw Records.



Jamael Dean on piano,

Sharada Shashidhar - vocals,

Aaron Shaw - tenor saxophone,

Devin Daniels - alto saxophone,

Zekkereyaa El-Magharbel - Trombone,

Miguel Atwood-Ferguson - viola,

Chris Palmer  - bass,

Tim Angulo - drums.


Jameal Dean “Oblivion” tracklist:

1. People of the Moon

2. Omi Eje Ota

3. Old Ways/Infant Eyes

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