Norah Jones and Tank and the Bangas’s singer recorded a new song together

Norah Jones collaborated with Tarriona “Tank” Ball from the New Orleans group Tank and the Bangas on her latest single “Take It Away”. It’s Norah’s first new music since her seven-track album Begin Again which came out in April. “Take It Away” was co-produced by Jones and Thomas Bartlett, who also plays keyboards on the track.

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“I saw Tank and the Bangas play in New Orleans in 2016 and was blown away,” said Norah of the vocal collaboration. “I got in touch with Tarriona shortly after and we became friends. This was a really fun opportunity to be creative together in the studio. She’s got one of my favorite minds.”

“Take It Away” is the latest in a string of more experimental singles that Jones began releasing last summer. Seven of those tracks ended up on Begin Again, which features collaborations with Bartlett and Jeff Tweedy among others.

Last year Norah Jones returned to the studio with the sole intent of following her muse down creative pathways without any expectations or boundaries. Reveling in the joy and spontaneity of music-making with a true spirit of openness, Jones got together with various friends for a brief, largely-improvised session to collaborate and experiment.

“I felt inspired to record and try different things,” Jones says, adding that the idea was to make it “quick and fun and easy and low-pressure. It’s a great way to collaborate with other people. Just a day or 3 in the studio and that’s it.”

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QKzobTCIRDw[/embedyt]
Tank and The Bangas led by Tarriona “Tank” Ball, is the lovechild of the rich New Orleans music scene and spoken word. Their first studio album, ‘Thinktank’, showcased their ability to perfectly blend jazz, funk, soul, hip-hop, spoken word — and their weirdness. They won the NPR Tiny Desk Contest in 2017 and released a new album ‘Green balloon’ this year. You can watch this amazing concert now and listen to the latest album.


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