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Polish jazz group Piotr Budniak Essential Group released an excellent new album “Heart, Mind & Spirit”.

Polish jazz group Piotr Budniak Essential Group released an excellent new album “Heart, Mind & Spirit”. This is the group's fourth album, with all the music composed by the leader and drummer Piotr BudniakThis time, the band used both acoustic and electric instruments to enrich the sound. “Heart, Mind & Spirit” is full of warmth, melodies, drive and space. Wonderful composition and the band playing as one organism, absolute killer. If you like Mammal Hands, GoGo Penguin, Pink Freud, EABS / Bloto, then you will love this band.

Essential Group features Wojciech Lichtański on saxophones, flute, David Doružka on guitar, Kajetan Borowski on piano and keyboards, Piotr Narajowski on double bass and the leader Piotr Budniak on drums. Apart from the band's permanent line-up, the recording featured guest performers: Łukasz Belcyr on guitar and banjo, Jakub Łępa on bass clarinet and Szymon Mika acoustic guitar. 

The album will be available for free download on the band's website by the end of the year!

Watch below a video of Piotr Budniak Essential Group new song “The Big Tree”, from their new album “Heart, Mind & Spirit”:

Piotr Budniak Essential Group was formed in 2014. In 2015 the band released the debut album "Simple Stories About Hope And Worries", which by readers Jazz Forum and JazzPress was recognized as one of the best Polish albums of the year. The same year Essential Group became the laureate of the International Jazz Juniors Festival. In 2017 the band released the next album "Into the Life", which was received very well by listeners and critics immediately. In the spring of 2018, the Piotr Budniak Essential Group released their concert album "The Days of Wine And Noises" recorded with the excellent Czech guitarist David Doružka, associated with the New York scene.

Piotr Budniak Essential Group performed in Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Ukraine and played on many festivals (i.e. Jazz in the Ruins, Róże Jazz Festival, zJAZZd, Jazz in the Museum, Monte Verde Jazz, Jazz Juniors).

Piotr is also a drummer in Kasia Pietrzko Trio, which released a new album "Ephemeral Pleasures" in 2020.

Listen below to Piotr Budniak Essential Group new song “Don't Have to Shine Behind the Darkest Line”, from their new album “Heart, Mind & Spirit”:

Piotr Budniak Essential Group new album “Heart, Mind & Spirit” is available for download for free on the band's website.


Wojciech Lichtański - saxophones, flute
David Doružka - guitar
Kajetan Borowski - piano, keyboards
Piotr Narajowski - double bass
Piotr Budniak - drums,
guest appearance:
Łukasz Belcyr - guitar (1), banjo (5)
Szymon Mika - acoustic guitar (4)
Jakub Łępa - bass clarinet (7)



1. The Gambler (Dedicated to M.G.)

2. Don’t Have To Shine Behind The Darkest Line

3. A Short Form In Your Dorm

4. Peecoo City

5. The Big Tree

6. Mr Lipton Lipovitsch

7. Futrix


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