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Song of the Day: Igor Willcox Quartet – U.F.O.

Brasilian jazz band Igor Willcox Quartet released a new single U.F.O.

The band was formed by the leader Igor Willcox (drums/compositions), Vini Morales (electric piano/synth), Wagner Barbosa (saxophone) and Glecio Nascimento (bass) featuring elements of jazz, funk and fusion. The group – which plays original compositions, exploring all musicality, spontaneity, and synergy - has achieved great notoriety in the instrumental music scene, standing out and performing in the most important festivals and Jazz clubs around the world.


Listen to Igor Willcox Quartet new single U.F.O.:

Igor Willcox, a descendant of several generations of musicians, was influenced by his father, Paulo César Willcox -maestro, arranger, pianist and vibraphone and his mother, Sonia Willcox - singer. Considered one of the most important drummers in Brazil, Igor played and recorded with important artists of the national and international scene such as; Jimmie Bo Horn, Camille Bertault, Cecilia Stalin, Guilherme Arantes, Familia Lima, Sandy & Junior, Izzy Gordon, Daniela Mercury, Rappin Hood, Fernanda Porto, Frejat, Gary Brown among other artists.

In the instrumental scene, he played and recorded with Bocato, Frank Colon (Weather Report), Tony Lakatos, Carlos Tomati, Michel Leme, Marcinho Eiras, Lea Freire, David Richards, Arismar do Espírito Santo, Zerró Santos, Walmir Gil, Jarbas Barbosa, Djalma Lima, Wilson Teixeira, Rubem Farias, Erik Escobar, Decebal Badila, Sandro Haick, Lanny Gordin, Hélio Delmiro, etc.


Watch the video below of Igor Willcox Quartet new single U.F.O.:

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