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Video of the Day: Gentleman (feat. Alborosie) – Journey To Jah

German reggae star Gentleman with his Italian friend and another modern reggae don Alborosie released a long-awaited video to a collaborative song Journey To Jah.

Journey To Jah is a title track from the music documentary about Gentleman and Alborosie diving into reggae music and Rastafari culture. It's a tale of the seeking and finding of a spiritual home in a foreign culture, one that follows people who are connected by one thing: music.

The two directors Noël Dernesch and Moritz Springer, as well as cameraman Marcus Winterbauer (“Rhythm is it“), spent seven years shadowing two unique reggae artists ‒ the German Gentleman and Italian Alborosie ‒ on their search for authenticity away from western consumerist societies in the land of Rastafari and reggae: Jamaica. People they meet along the way include Richie Stephens and Damian Marley.

Together with the protagonists we delve into a world where music is used as an outlet to confront poverty, criminality and a lack of prospects, but also one that is characterized by a deep and uplifting spiritual bond. A world about which Alborosie says, “God lives here.
But Satan too.“ 


Watch the video of Gentleman with Alborosie in collaborative track Journey To Jah:

Otto Tilmann aka Gentleman, son of a protestant pastor, grows up in Cologne. At 16 he drops out of school and a year later he travels for the first time to Jamaica to live in a farmerʼs family in the remote mountains of the island. During this stay Jamaican music and culture become his spiritual backbone. Again and again he travels to Jamaica where he soon gets accepted by the Jamaican music scene, talking and singing in patois ‒ wholly without accent. A few years later he becomes the German reggae star under the name of Gentleman. His gold records are sold in millions. His album Confidence (2004) directly reaches number one in the German charts, while in Jamaica heʼspraised as one of the few European reggae musicians. 


Alberto DʻAscola aka Alborosie is born in Sicily as a son of a police officer. Life in his native province town is hard, soon he drops out of school. Mafia is omnipresent in his everyday life and his brother is shot in broad daylight. Reggae music proves to be the only foothold in these times. At the age of 14 Alborosie gets his first record contract. With his Band Reggae National Tickets he soon becomes the figurehead of the Italian Reggae Culture. On the height of his success Alborosie decides to leave Italy behind and try his fortune in Jamaica, the cradle of reggae culture. He sells all his belongings and with a mere of 1000 US Dollars in his pocket, he hits the road to Kingston where he starts again from scratch. His irrepressible willpower and persistence leads him to the top. His first Jamaican record (2008) reached number one in a few days. 


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Listen to Gentleman with Alborosie in collaborative track Journey To Jah:

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