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Wax in the Attic: Polish Jazz Quartet – Meets Studio M2 [GAD Records]

A big-band adventure from half a century ago was rediscovered by GAD Records - Polish Jazz Quartet Meets Studio M2. An outstanding quartet with polish jazz legends - Jan Ptaszyn Wróblewski and Wojciech Karolak in unknown radio sessions.

Operating in the 1960s, the legendary quartet made up of leading Polish jazz musicians: Andrzej Dąbrowski on drums, Roman Dyląg (or Juliusz Sandecki) on double bass, Wojciech Karolak on piano and Jan Ptaszyn-Wróblewski on sax. They recorded only one album in the famous Polish Jazz series.

However, they recorded more and the sessions recorded in the years 1964-66 in the expanded, big-band line-up appear on the album after half a century of waiting. This is delicious, swinging jazz of the highest class! Diverse, brilliant compositions by Ptaszyn-Wróblewski and Karolak, as well as a few surprising interpretations of pre-war hits in a jazz entourage. The quartet is accompanied by musicians from the M-2 radio studio conducted by Bogusław Klimczuk.

In the deep communists Poland, conductor Bogusław Klimczuk successfully implemented an ambitious project at the Polish Radio, to create the big-band at Studio M-2, whose aim was to record light illustrative music for the needs of three PR programs. Klimczuk invited a group of composers and arrangers to collaborate, who also played the role of soloists. With time, it turned out that jazz musicians were in the lead, and Jan "Ptaszyn" Wróblewski paved the way for them with his Polish Jazz Quartet - a great band with an international reputation. The arrangements became so demanding that the entire Polish Jazz Quartet took part in the recordings from 1964-66.



Listen to Polish Jazz Quartet rediscovered by GAD Records album Meets Studio M2:

The main jazz arrangers were Ptaszyn and Karolak. - Together with Wojtek, we kept coming up with new ideas, looking for new sounds and drifting more and more boldly from light music towards jazz - recalls Ptaszyn.

The album containing previously unpublished recordings was released monophonically, from original radio tapes in digital and analog versions, The booklet contains colorful memories by Jan Ptaszyn Wróblewski. Only 500 copies of vinyl records have been released, including 111 copies on flash yellow plastic.


Watch below video to Polish Jazz Quartet rediscovered by GAD Records album Meets Studio M2:

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