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When the Music Drops – New Music Selection June 2020 part 1: Gary Bartz & Maisha, Tenderlonious, Hania Rani & more

New music round-up. New music albums which came out 29 May 2020 part 1: Gary Bartz & Maisha, Tenderlonious, Hania Rani, Pyjaen, Jamie Saft, AuB, Cory Wong & Jon Batiste.

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Hania Rani Home, Gondwana Records


Hania Rani is a talented Polish pianist, composer, and musician. Her debut album "Esja", a beguiling collection of solo piano pieces on Gondwana Records was released to international acclaim on April 5th, 2019. She presents her new music at the new album "Home", which is very much a continuation of the work she started on "Esja", with added vocals, rhythm section, and subtle electronics. "I feel like '"Home" is a second part of the same book, that the start was in "Esja", a musical prelude to a real plot. I feel Home is a story with an ending, so the next book can tell a totally different one. I am constantly looking for new ways of expression. I am curious where "Home" will lead me and my music".  Beautiful, subtle, and peaceful album.

Listen to/buy Hania Rani new music album Home (Gondwana Records) below:

Tenderlonious The Piccolo - Tender plays Tubby, Jazz Detective


Tenderlonious, Ruby Rushton leader, 22a founder, producer and multi-instrumentalist, paying homage to the British Jazz legend Tubby Hayes. After Tenderlonious owns Tubby Hayes' piccolo, he uses it in the best possible way, releasing some new music, exactly by doing some outstanding re-interpretation of four classic Tubby Hayes track. Jazz Detective Records and Tender featuring some of London's finest jazz musicians are trying to introduce a whole new generation of jazz fans to a true genius of British Jazz.

From our Blog: 22a present new two-track 7″ single “Sun Khosi / Chrysalis” from the Tenderlonious-led jazz quartet Ruby Rushton


Listen to/buy Tenderlonious new music album The Piccolo - Tender plays Tubby (Jazz Detective) below:

Gary Bartz & Maisha Night Dreamer Direct​-​To​-​Disc Sessions, Night Dreamer


The third release from Night Dreamer’s essential “Direct-to-Disc” sessions sees an incredible meeting between legendary US saxophonist Gary Bartz and leading UK spiritual jazz ensemble, Maisha, featuring two Bartz classics and new music, three brand new joint songs written by both Bartz & Maisha in close collaboration. Led by drummer Jake Long, Maisha have been central to the UK’s jazz explosion, and have fast become the UK’s most exciting and in-demand young spiritual jazz ensemble. Theirs is an organic & explosive sound that blends influences from afrobeat and broken beat, with a deep love and understanding of spiritual jazz.


Listen to/buy Gary Bartz & Maisha new music album Night Dreamer Direct​-​To​-​Disc Sessions (Night Dreamer) below:

Jamie Saft The Golden Scale, Veal Records


Jamie Saft is a virtuoso pianist, keyboardist, producer, and composer from NY. His work has been featured with Iggy PopBeastie Boys, Bad Brains, The B-52's, Roswell Rudd, John Zorn, John Adams, Laurie Anderson, Antony & the Johnsons, and more. This album with new music was recorded live at the Piano Performance Museum in New York. Jamie improvises on historical instruments from the Steve Greenstein Collection at the Piano Performance Museum in upstate NY.


Listen to/buy Jamie Saft new music album The Golden Scale (Veal Records) below:

AuB AuB, Edition Records


AUB is the London based quartet, masterminded by two young saxophonists, Tom Barford and Alex Hitchcock, rising stars on the UK jazz map. musicians who are making huge waves as part of the next generation of virtuosic instrumentalists intent on doing things their way with their new music. The name of the band refers to the meeting and unity of two musical minds and instrumental sounds melded into one group sound. Twin tenors together with bassist Fergus Ireland and drummer James Maddren, gave us a fresh version of contemporary Jazz sounds, a mix of electronics with intense improvisation.

From our Blog: AuB “Not Jazz” is the new collaboration between the two young saxophonists, Tom Barford and Alex Hitchcock.


Listen to/buy AuB new music album AuB (Edition Records) below:

Pyjaen Sage Secrets (EP), Deep Matter


"Sage Secrets" the new music EP from London-based Jazz-Fusion band, PYJÆN. The group seamlessly melds funk, afro-beat and contemporary sounds with nods to hip-hop and disco, whilst acknowledging the heady days of 1920’s era jazz. Their first offering since their self titled 2019 debut, the EP sees the outfit join forces with the incredible Blue Lab Beats for title track ‘Sage Secrets’ - creating a joyous, head-nod inducing jam - full of punchy drums and dreamlike keys, perfectly punctuated by the watertight brass section. PYJÆN are also joined by the incredibly gifted and soulful Odette Peters for ‘Gold Plated’ who's smoky-vocals grace the track and marking the first time the band has featured vocals across any of their music.

From our Blog: Pyjaen and Blue Lab Beats on “Sage Secrets”


Listen to/buy Pyjaen new music EP album Sage Secrets (Deep Matter) below:

Cory Wong & Jon Batiste Meditations, Self-released


Jon Batiste and Cory Wong announced today’s release of new music called "Meditations". The collaboration is the result of three nights of raw improvisation in the studio and features performances from Nate Smith and Sam Yahel. Meditation relies on instinct alone. It is a cathartic, spontaneous record derived from the immediate musical and spiritual bond between Wong and Batiste with the intent to heal through music.


Listen to/buy Cory Wong & Jon Batiste  new music album Meditations below:



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