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Fresh sounds: Matthias Lindermayr – Sanctuary

Fazer's trumpeter Matthias Lindermayr shared his new single Sanctuary from his forthcoming album Triptych on the 5th November via Squama Recordings, a mesmerizing body of work that has rich, magnetic power.

Munich’s Matthias Lindermayr is one of Germany’s leading jazz trumpet players, renowned for his stunning solos and ability to cross genres. Aside from playing with lauded quintet Fazer, Lindermayr is working on a duo project with French saxophonist and ECM artist Mathieu Bordenave

Having previously released two critically acclaimed albums with his quintet – Lang Lang (2015) and New Born (2018) – Lindermayr is joined by Philipp Schiepek (acoustic guitar) and Simon Popp (percussion) for Triptych, allowing him more freedom on his instrument. In my previous bands, I always had the feeling that my strengths on the trumpet didn't always come into their own. In this line-up, there is finally a lot of room for me. Even quiet, nuanced things don't get lost in the hustle and bustle, and even when things get wilder we are at a dynamic level where the trumpet doesn't have to scream, said Matthias.


Listen to Matthias Lindermayr new single Sanctuary, from his forthcoming album Triptych:

With Lindermayr’s beguiling trumpet taking centre stage, the trio succeeds in creating a compelling sound palette deeply rooted in acoustic music and jazz. From the gentle rumblings of Sanctuary where Lindermayr’s relaxed trumpet tones sit snug in the ear to the powerful, penetrating notes of Triptych and the melancholic inflections of Sanctuary and Lola, the Matthias Lindermayr Trio seek to create a deep tension in their compositions. I wanted to write simple melodies that my fellow musicians could play immediately so that they could concentrate even more on sound and interplay when rehearsing and recording. The other half of the pieces were two-part compositions that I had written for a duo formation, but whose character demanded different instrumentation.


Watch below Matthias Lindermayr new single Sanctuary, from his forthcoming album Triptych:

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