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Song of the Day: Ego Ella May – YoYo

Nu soul London's singer and songwriter Ego Ella May releases a new EP Fieldnotes, including charming new single YoYo.

I wrote this because the media was pissing me off. I felt like a lot of things were being exaggerated which resulted in lots of fear and separation. I was still in a period where I didn't have an understanding of anything really going on and so my views changed daily and I was questioning everything.. it felt like I was doing a lot of yoyo-ing simply because I was so confused. I felt like an alien and in my annoyance about that I dreamt about living off grid, where there's no TV and no iPhone, I'm with like-minded people and we just grow our veg and make clothes, and cook and sing and dance and make up our own rules, and that's how yoyo came about. It's a song about my dream life. Aside from that I really love the production on this song! it's so feel good, and was produced once again by Geo Jordan, says Ego Ella May about the song.


Listen to Ego Ella May new single YoYo, from her new EP Fieldnotes:

These 4 songs were written in lockdown and became my findings about myself during such a weird and confusing time. I was observing what was going on, and writing about it for my own sanity and as usually these songs helped me to understand myself a lot better and cope with what was going on. This EP is the first in the series of releases coming over the following months, says Ego Ella May about her new EP.


Watch the video below of Ego Ella May new single YoYo, from her new EP Fieldnotes:

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