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German superb jazz formation Tingvall Trio dropped first single from upcoming album “Dance”

German superb jazz formation Tingvall Trio dropped the first single "Tokyo Dance" from the upcoming album “Dance”. Hamburg’s trio takes listeners along on a journey around the world, letting the widest variety of dance styles flash and flare as a vivid form of emotional expression.

“The idea for ‘Dance’ emerged while we were rehearsing ‘Cuban SMS’, one of the first new songs. All jokes aside: It was really hard for us to stay in one place as we worked. There was so much rhythm and energy in the music. As for me, I can’t dance to save my life, but it just grabbed us and carried us away. The idea for an album full of dances was born”, Martin Tingvall describes the album’s idea.

Watch below a video to Tingvall Trio songs “Tokyo Dance”, the first single from their forthcoming album “Dance”:

Martin Tingvall, is a Swedish pianist, hymn writer, and the man who gave its name to one of Germany's most successful jazz acts in recent years. Tingvall founded the Tingvall Trio in 2003 in Hamburg, together with Cuban bassist Omar Rodriguez Calvo and German drummer Jürgen Spiegel, for which he was leased and also composed all the pieces. The trio has successfully established itself internationally.

On this new release Martin Tingvall, Omar Rodriguez Calvo and Jürgen Spiegel sound more matured and harmonious than ever before; it’s easy to picture just how much fun they had recorded these pieces.

Listen below Tingvall Trio songs “Tokyo Dance”, the first single from their forthcoming album “Dance”:

Tingvall Trio album “Dance” will come out 2 October 2020, via Skip Records



Martin Tingvall - Piano

Omar Rodriguez Calvo - Bass

Jürgen Spiegel - Drums

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