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Hugo Kant is back with a brilliant new album “Far From Home” and an atmospheric new single “The Second Sun”

Hugo Kant is back with a brilliant new album “Far From Home” and an atmospheric new single “The Second Sun”. Hugo Kant is the solo studio project of multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer Quentin Le Roux, from Marseilles, France. He played on that album on keyboards, flutes, bass, guitar, drums, flugelhorn, clarinet, and also sang on two songs “Sure The Sun Will Rise” and “Come With Me”. His music incorporates and redefines elements of jazz, hip-hop, trip-hop, classical music, 70’s rock, and world music to form a rich original and cohesive whole.

“The Second Sun” grabs your attention and takes you for a hypnotic ride, which is dense and atmospheric, with heavy and rich percussion and soulful flute. This music is made with acoustic instruments, penetrating instrumental solos, atmospheric samples, strong rhythmics and catchy melodies. He is using a wide diversity of traditional and contemporary instruments borrowed from different cultures and music styles.


Watch below a video to Hugo Kant new song “The Second Sun”, the first single from his forthcoming 4th album “Far From Home”:

He started his solo project in 2011 with the release of the EP “Searching London” and his first LP “I Don't Want To Be An Emperor”. Soon after he began collaborating with several artists like Jenova 7, Screenatorium or Audiophysical and did some remix for artists such as Chinese Man, The Herbaliser and Ancient Astronauts.

In 2013 he released his second EP “Leave Me Alone” with a track featuring the Californian MC LostPoet and two remixes by The Herbaliser and Chinese Man. His second LP “The Point Of No Return” was released on June 2014 including collaborations with Belleruche singer Kathrin DeBoer and danish singer Astrid Engberg.


Watch below Hugo Kant live:

Hugo Kant 4th album “Far From Home” is out on 16th October 2020, via Bellring Records.



  1. Melancholia
  2. Before Midnight Tonight
  3. The Second Sun
  4. Sure The Sun Will Rise
  5. Everything Is Transformed
  6. One More Step
  7. High Gravity
  8. 2001 Light Years From Home
  9. Koka
  10. It's An Unkown Jungle
  11. Come With Me

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