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Fresh sounds: Sercan Debelec, Fırat Ağacık, The Kankas – Draco

Turkish jazz duo The Kankas, which feature Sercan Debelec on piano and Fırat Ağacık on guitar, released the first single Draco on Space Goats Records.

The Kankas is an Electronic Jazz Project created by Sercan Debelec and Fırat Ağacık. They worked together on different projects for a long time. The first single of the experimental journey of this duo, which is named Draco, brings together Electronic Music and Jazz elements.

Doing things like this makes me willingly accept my insanity. I can say it was an amazing experience. If you have headphones, plug in headphones or listen with a sound system that you can enjoy. Sercan is generally more interested in northern jazz or piano compositions, but when we tried to make music together, we created Draco. New doors have opened. We also shot a video in Akyaka. While the full moon, the feast of sacrifice, deaths, forest fires and our swallows were happening, I couldn’t find anything else to say inside me, says Fırat Ağacık about collaboration.

Listen to Sercan Debelec and Fırat Ağacık as The Kankas‘s new single Draco:

Sercan Debelec · Draco (feat. The Kankas)

Sercan Debelec is a classically trained multi-instrumentalist, and a composer based in Ankara, Turkey. He discovered his interest in jazz while attending Baskent University State Conservatory and started composing his first works in the genre while doing his masters. In July 2020 his debut album Delusions is released, the album consists of 8 songs composed for a quartet. In the Album the song I Lived in a Zeppelin Once features Fırat Ağacık as a co-composer.
Sercan Debelec’s new project contains ambient and experimental jazz tunes. In this new project, Sercan Debelec, who plays the piano himself, is accompanied by Onurcan Cagatay on trumpet, Giulio Petrella on guitar, Belma Tahan on viola, Kutay Ozturk on contrabass, Davide Scopazzi on bass guitar, and Ali Kabakci on drums and the mixing and the mastering are by Yamaç Telli .His last solo album, A Short Story, consists of 13 songs that he composed for piano, and has been released under the label of Space Goats . 

Watch below Sercan Debelec and Fırat Ağacık as The Kankas‘s new single Draco:

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