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Video of the Day: Ebi Soda live at Jazz Re:Freshed

Ebi Soda performs live at Jazz Re:Freshed.

Ebi Soda features Sam Schlich-Davies on drums, Louis Jenkins on keys, Conor Knight on guitar, Hari-Lee Evans on bass, & keys, and William Heaton on trombone & synths. They draw inspiration from jazz originators combining it with their own creativity to create a fresh energetic style. Their sounds is characterized by erratic drum breaks, multi-effect soundscapes and searing trombone lines, Ebi Soda keep a post-punk DIY ethic close to their hearts, with songs often birthed from sweaty smokey bedrooms rather than that of the big band hall. 


Watch the video of Ebi Soda live concert at Jazz Re:Freshed:

With a cynical, somewhat industrial approach to jazz which could only be informed by the greyness of the streets of Britain, Ebi juxtapose the skies of their surroundings with an illustrious approach to crafting sound over their abrasive beats, conveying colour and dreariness simultaneously. As staunch anti-traditionalists, they thrive on this idea of contradiction, seeming more inspired by the atmosphere inside a rave than the sounds heard inside Birdland. Their only debt to typical jazz being to attempt to innovate and experiment at every opportunity.


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Listen to Ebi Soda last album Ugh from 2020 including songs presented at Jazz Re:Freshed:

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