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Mammal Hands release a new single “Chaser” from their forthcoming fourth album “Captured Spirits”

Mammal Hands release a new single “Chaser” from their forthcoming fourth album “Captured Spirits” via Gondwana Records. The bans formed in Norwich in 2012, by brothers Nick Smart (piano) and Jordan Smart (sax) along with Jesse Barrett (drums and table). Mammal Hands take their in influences from electronic music, contemporary classical, world, folk and jazz music, including their heroes Pharoah Sanders, Gétachèw Mekurya, Terry Riley, Steve Reich and Sirishkumar Manji. All three members of the band contribute equally to the writing process: one that favors the creation of a powerful group dynamic over individual solos.

“I think with this record, there was a strong and renewed sense of collective enjoyment and appreciation for the process and each other's contributions. After a long period of touring and a slow build up to the actual recording sessions we were able to mull over ideas for long periods, build on lessons from the past and pull our playing connection to an even deeper place. Realising each other's visions for the whole and clearly understanding how they intersect”, Jesse Barrett says about their creative process.

Watch below a video to Mammal Hands new song “Chaser”, a leading single from their forthcoming fourth album “Captured Spirits”:

The trio has forged a growing reputation for their hypnotic fusion of jazz and electronica developed their distinctive and polished sound with their meteoric live shows and release of three critically acclaimed albums: "Animalia" (2014), "Floa" (2016) and "Shadow Work" (2017).

“The name has multiple readings but was first inspired by something Jordan was reading about past experiences of ancestors being caught and coded into our DNA and having an effect on who you are today. This ties in with themes that we have touched on before relative to identity and the collective unconscious (‘Shadow Work’). It also toys with the idea of feeling contained/trapped and the need to break out of something and also the idea of people being spirits that are "captured" in a body”, Nick Smart says about the album.

Listen below to Mammal Hands new song “Chaser”, a leading single from their forthcoming fourth album “Captured Spirits”:

Mammal Hands new album “Captured Spirits” will come out 11 September 2020 via Gondwana Records.


Jordan Smart - saxophone,

Nick Smart – piano,

Jesse Barrett - drums and tabla


  1. Ithaca
  2. Chaser
  3. Late Bloomer
  4. Versus Shapes
  5. Spiral Stair
  6. Floating World
  7. Riddle
  8. Rhizome
  9. Shoreless
  10. Into Sparks
  11. Little One

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