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Song of the Day: Soul Supreme – Raid (Madvillain)

Soul Supreme paid tribute to great Hip-hop legend MF Doom, by making a jazzy version of his Madvillainy track RaidAs we can read in the record note: "The ‘Raid’ b/w ‘Huit Octobre 1971’ 45 record we were about to discuss was in the making since mid-October. But the news of MF DOOM’s passing at the turn of 2020, made it a bittersweet release to talk about. There we were, instead of just geeking out over the Madlib production, DOOM’s buttery flow, or the sampling of Bill Evans, George Clinton, and “América Latina,” we had another thing to talk about: the last act of Daniel Dumile’s 23 years of metal-faced hip-hop magic".

The track was originaly written by Madlib and MF Doom, as a duo Madvillain, and came out in 2004 album Madvillainy, featuring M.E.D. 

Soul Supreme organize a full band, with himself on Fender Rhodes, Moog, and percussions, Jamie Peet on drums, Glenn Gaddum Jr. on bass, Valentin Guenther on trombone and Niklouds Holler on saxophone. They used all of the elements previously sampled by Madlib: Bill Evans intro from Nardis
Osmar Milito & Quarteto Forma's América Latina and George Clinton's Computer Games, now arranged for live instruments.

"I'm not a speak-artist, I’m a musician. I love how MF DOOM had attitude and character. There’s real emotion in his work, including his choice of samples. But at the same time, he puts music completely on the forefront by hiding his own identity. That’s what the mask also represents to me. It’s a note to self to only care about the music", Soul Supreme said.


From our Blog: Soul Supreme made a jazz tribute to A Tribe Called Quest on “Check The Rhime”


Listen below to Soul Supreme jazzy version of Madvillain Raid:

Watch below original version of Raid from Madlib and MF Doom as a Madvillain:

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